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Rob Elkington


Rob Elkington, Ph.D., is a technology and business professional based in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Rob is a busy worker and, as such, serves many professional roles. Currently, he serves as the Assistant Professor at Trent University Faculty of Business. Alongside this role, he acts as Adjunct Faculty at Ontario Tech University Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences and Senior Lecturer at Stellenbosch University School of Public Leadership. Finally, Rob Elkington is the CEO of Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc.

Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc is driven to develop excellence in leadership on a global scale. The goal is to help others become their best selves – as leaders. The organization offers certified programs and tools to help leaders meet their full potential, especially within a professional environment. 

It would not be possible for Global Leadership Initiatives to have such reach were it not for technology. Modern tech connects people, providing unique opportunities, such as instant communication and new learning opportunities. This is one of the many reasons that Rob Elkington respects and appreciates technology. One way that Global Leadership Initiatives uses technology to its advantage is through Simulations in Leadership Development. 

Rob Elkington’s focus on these subjects rings clear when one takes the time to look through his research projects. These projects include “Seeking Best Methods for Leadership Development,” “Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership in Disadvantaged Contexts,” “Seeking Best Methods for Police Leadership Development,” “Emerging Issues in Higher Educational Leadership,” “The Use of Meta in Military Leadership Development,” and “Developing Paramedic Leadership.”

 Given Rob Elkington’s experience and dedication, it is no surprise to hear that he has been tasked as lead editor for several books, chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, and presentations. For example, he was recently the lead editor for the Journal of Leadership Studies Symposium series: “African Leadership: Powerful Paradigms for the 21st Century.” His most recent experience would be as lead editor for a book by the same name, due to release in September of 2022 by Emerald Publications.

 When Rob Elkington isn’t busy in the lecture halls or aiding Global Leadership Initiatives, he spends his time volunteering, helping communities nearby and globally. In particular, he has spent time on food security projects and HIV Aids reduction through education projects. Likewise, he enjoys spending his time helping and learning about poverty reduction while learning how to secure partnerships and research around education for disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Rob gained this experience as a Canadian representative of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s development foundation, creating partnerships with Canadian universities, CIDA, and various philanthropic foundations.

 Even when Rob is on the other side of the world, he never forgets about those close to home. For this reason, Rob Elkington is actively involved in several local organizations, including Cornerstone Women’s and Children’s Shelter, Durham Community Innovation Lab, Durham Youth Services, the Durham Youth in Policing Initiative, Durham Victim Services, and disadvantaged schools in the Durham Region.

 Learn more about Rob Elkington and his views on business and entrepreneurship by visiting his other site,