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Getting organized isn’t the easiest thing to do. Having a bank account and managing your money are two of the most common tasks that most people have to do, but with the rise of apps that allow people to manage their finances, it’s now easier than ever. These tools can help you keep track of your spending and manage your credit.

There are many features included in personal finance apps that allow you to manage your finances. These include bill reminders, synchronization of multiple accounts, and tracking subscriptions. All of these apps are available on both Android and iOS devices.


Mint is a free app from Intuit that allows users to keep track of their spending and monitor their credit health. It is a popular app that provides a complete view of their financial picture. After you link your debit and credit cards to your account, Mint will pull all your transactions and show how you spend. It also allows you to create a budget and keep track of your spending.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

The company’s reputation for providing a budget and a philosophy that is focused on helping people manage their finances is why YNAB is the best choice for people who are new to budgeting. According to the company, new budgeters typically save around $600 in the first two months and over $6,000 in their first year.


Although the app’s catalog of features isn’t as robust as some other popular financial apps, PocketGuard is still an excellent choice for people looking for a simple and effective way to manage their finances. It can connect various accounts, including credit cards, investments, and bank accounts. It also allows users to track their net worth and manage their expenses. The paid version of the app, PocketGuard Plus, comes with a debt payoff plan and other features.


The Honeydue app can help you keep track of all of your financial transactions and keep track of your expenses. It can also connect various accounts, such as loans, investments, and bank accounts. Although the app allows you and your partner to share multiple accounts, it lets you choose which ones you want to connect.

Honeydue also offers a joint bank account that allows users to manage their finances together. It comes with free ATM access and a debit card for both partners.